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  • Cavtat

    Cavtat is most targeted place in the region next to Dubrovnik. Cavtat was a roman colony and there are several archeological sites as evidence of those times. Two peninsulas Rat and Sustjepan close beautiful harbor. Cavtat is also home to some famous Croatians, Vlaho Bukovac painter and Baltazar Bogišić jurist, law historian and ethnologist. Birth house of Vlaho Bukovac is nowadays a gallery that shows of both his art and transfers you to the time the family lived in the house. Rectors palace in Cavtat also acts as a museum dedicated to lifework of Baltazar Bogišić. On the top of the peninsula Rat is local cemetery where is a mausoleum designed and built by famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. After the exploration of the history and small streets around Cavtat you can sit in one of the numerous bars and restaurants or you can go to any of numerous beaches and enjoy crystal clear seas.

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  • Fish Picnic Elaphite Islands

    This full day excursion is the best way to meet famous Elaphite archipelago surrounding Dubrovnik. Our excursion will take you to Koločep where you will have spare time to explore the island on your own same with Šipan, however while on Lopud we will take the longest brake since this is the island with most to offer.

    The name Elaphiti is derived from the Greek word “Elaphos” that means deer who inhabited the islands long time ago. Elaphiti islands are nowadays favorite excursion place both for tourists and locals. Islands are covered with dense Mediterranean vegetation and have amazing beaches and landscapes.

    Island of Lopud has several interesting churches to explore around the island, and it is also the home of contemporary art piece “Your black horizon” which was created by collaboration of architect David Adjaye and artist Olafur Eliasson. Another reason why Lopud is the longest break is the beautiful sand beach Šunj that attracts people from around the region, it is located on the south east side of the island.

    The lunch and refreshments are served on the boat.

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  • Lokrum – Nature Reserve

    Lokrum mysterious and exotic venue sometimes called cursed island, however favorite picnic and swimming spot for the residents of Dubrovnik. Roads and walking paths will take you around island where you can see botanical gardens with eucalyptus trees and cacti, remains of 15 th /16 th century monastery, residence of Maximilian von Habsburg from the 19th century with gardens and a park. Atop of the Lokrum is star shaped Fort Royal that shows magnificent views of the Old town, Cavtat and the islands. Lokrum was also used as movie set in several seasons of Game of Thrones, the mayor of Dubrovnik purchased the Iron Throne and it is located in the Lokrum Visitor’s centre. Within the island there is also a small salt lake called “Dead Sea” that is suitable for children and non-swimmers.

    DEPARTURE: From Cavtat 9.30, 10.30, 11.30, 12.15, 13.30, 14.15, 15.30
    from Mlini 9.30, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.50, 15.45
    RETURN: From Lokrum 14:30, 16:30, 19:00
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  • Lopud – sandy beaches

    Lopud is the middle Elaphite Island and the liveliest one. It is very common excursion spot for the history, art and leisure. It has plenty of small restaurants and bars, lush gardens, churches, art pavilion “Your black horizon” and the biggest sandy beach around Šunj. Lopud is the perfect peaceful alternative to Dubrovnik when you are ready for a quiet and relaxing day, this combo of nature, history and swimming make an excellent day trip.

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  • Mlini

    Mlini is the most scenic village of Župa Dubrovačka, the name Mlini is derived from Mills who were located there due to plenty of springs. This abundance of water made Mlini important milling center in the region and further, in the 19 th century wheat from the Konavle, Herzegovina and even Ukraine was milled here. This picturesque village is a great abode for peaceful and relaxing day fulfilled with clean seas and splendid cuisine. Let us take you to nice pebble beaches, serene nature and experience Mlini fairytale.

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  • Sunset Cruise

    During July and August we offer sunset tours, the boats starts in the Old Port and sails over Mlini to Cavtat giving you a chance to see stunning sites and colors that follow the sunset.

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